Health and Safety Representative Training

Our Health and Safety Representatives recently attended their refresher course training. Here they are receiving their certificates from the Operations Manager, Graeme Lakay.

Christopher Pakaman (Foundry)

Ashwin Truter (Gear Line)

Quinton Cornelius (CNC)

John Edem (Assembly)

Jeremy Engel (Foundry)

Zola Jaxa (Maintenance and Safety)

OHS for Managers and Legal Liability Training

Certificates were issued to Seb Lalloo. Graeme Lakay and Zola Jaxa for their attendance of the above training course.

Graeme Lakay (Management)

Zola Jaxa (Maintenance and Safety)

Seb Lalloo (Management)

Staff Briefing

Staff were recently invited to attend the “Coffee with the MD” briefing sessions – staff were provided with a coffee and doughnut and the MD provided a brief presentation on the state of the business.

The purpose of these sessions, which will be held each quarter, are to make the management team more accessible to staff and involve them more broadly in discussions about the performance of the business. It also sends the message that each employee at GPM is important and is aimed at fostering inclusiveness amongst all staff.

Going the Extra Mile Awards (GEM)

The first GPM Award for Going the Extra Mile (GEM) was presented to Farida Booley buy the MD Valdor Dudley.  Farida achieved this award for her work in preparing the files needed for the Department of Labour Audit.

New Faces at GPM

Adam Cleenwerck

Adam joined us as the Cost and Management Accountant.

He grew up in Athlone, attended Gardens Commercial High School and completed his National Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting at CPUT.  He is currently studying towards his BTech degree in Cost and Management Accounting.

Adam is a man of many talents; his hobbies include reading, drawing and surfing.  He loves getting out in nature as often as he can and, he is also a collector, including comic books from the 70’s – 80’s era, paintings from local artists, etc.

Sandra du Preez

Sandra began a temporary assignment with GPM as Temporary Bookkeeper who will be standing in for Nada during her absence until the end of July.

Sandra grew up in Woodstock and matriculated from Parow High School.  Most recently she was employed by the TransHex Group as the Accounts Controller and Procurement Officer.  She has a passion for accounting and has two young daughters who take up most of her busy schedule.  However, when she does have time for herself she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.